Patent: Built-in Pocketwizard Transmitter for DSLRs

A patent filed by James Clark of Lab Partners Associates, Inc – better known to most as the makers of the Pocketwizard brand of wireless flash triggers – has surfaced that details an embedded radio transmitter for wirelessly triggering multiple remote flashes.The July 26, 2010 patent claim includes:

A method for controlling one or more remote photographic flash devices from a camera body, the method comprising:

  • electrically receiving a flash synchronization signal internal to the camera body;
  • using the flash synchronization signal to generate within the camera body an RF signal;
  • communicating the RF signal via a wired connection to an antenna external to the camera body; and
  • wirelessly communicating the RF signal from the external antenna to the one or more remote photographic flash devices.

[fotoactualidad via nikonrumors]


  1. Who wants a built-in Pocketwizard transmitter for their DSLR? Can you imagine RF CLS/e-TTL?

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